I am creating a site in Joomla! 1.5 on my small presently active server. I installed joomla inside a folder at the bottom of my server, and so i can get on at http://world wide web.whatever.com/folder while I am developing. Once it's ready for unveil, how do you move cellular phone towards the cause of your directory? Could it be as easy as moving the files, or should i change some configuration within joomla, too? Thanks ahead of time.

All that you should do is move the files towards the root, little else changes using the possible exception of 1 line in HTACCESS is that you simply have SEF Web addresses switched on already.

It's also wise to you should consider building your website on 1.7. You will attend finish of existence for 1.5 next April, you may as well begin the brand new version to create upgrading simpler.

You have to change wrinkles within the configuration.php file:

var $log_path = 'absolutepathtoyoursitefoldernamelogs' //remove foldername from path

var $tmp_path = 'absolutepathtoyoursitefoldernametmp'  //remove foldername from path

var $live_site = 'http://world wide web.yoursite.com/foldername' // take away the foldername or leave empty

May also work without altering these values. I usually change them though.