Around the Wordpress dashborad page for writing a brand newOrmodifying a current publish, can you really possess the 'Publish' module appear at the end right (function as the last module around the right) like a default, without needing to drag and drop it there?

I am okay with altering the code within the core files, I simply need to understand how to get it done ?

I am almost sure these designs are saved within the database. Look into the wordpress_options table in your database.

Once you discover it, you need to only use an easy SQL script for every new installing of WordPress.

EDIT: This link arrived pretty handy because it describes every table in your db:

wordpress_options - The Options set underneath the Administration > Settings panel are saved within the wordpress_options table. See Option Reference for option_title and default values.

I am unsure if wordpress_options may be the table where this really is particularly saved, but you'll most likely think it is somewhere inside your DB.