I had been utilizing a free domain (http://world wide web.co.cc) for my website . And today i purchased new .com domain. I can not set 301 Permanent Redirect because my old domain is really a subdomain. Now my old domain expires, too.

What are the meta tag for Search engine optimization? Must i add any tags or codes to my old webpage's index for indicate internet search engine bots to my new website ?

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0url=http://world wide web.newurl.com/blah">

Include that towards the mind of every page, referencing the brand new Domain with similar page title and you will effectively possess a pseudo 301 redirect. The '0' within the meta tag submissions are the part that transmits the consumer (and bots) in the old Hyperlink to the brand new one instantly. Google has confirmed it goodies meta refreshes having a within the timespace as just like a 301 redirect.

Try to make sure that a canonical link element also stands for the brand new URL.

Alternatively you could include a PHP or ASP header to every page (in case your free domain enables server side code).