This is what I needed to us dot, what I have done, and... the (poor) result:

  • I needed to: migrate my own Website in one server to a different one, and just alter the IP on my small DNS. So:
  • I transformed the IP on my small DNS. Ok. Everything's fine (it has been seven days now)
  • I dump my Wordpress 3..1 database from server A
  • I replicated recursively the entire directory of my own Web site to the server B
  • on server B: I have produced my utf8 wordpress database then re-injected the SQL dump (from the)
  • I have produced the great user using the right permissions around the database B

And today: Everything works fine... Well Err... just the primary page! See then click a subject. I can not even sign in! Are you aware where I ought to look or things i am missing?



Okay I still have no idea in which the problem was, but this is what Used to do:

  • I released all of the articles from the old webserver A right into a file XML_A
  • I produced by hand a brand new database on B
  • I released Wordpress on B
  • I produced all certain requirements on B,
  • I imported all in the file XML_A

It really works now but I am pretty convinced this isn't the proper way to do that...

And That I finally found the best answer an the best place (just in case this may help someone):

Do this method too whether it matches your needs.

particularly if your URL or domain is transformed.

I'd exactly the same problem and figured a custom method of moving it. go here.

See if you incorporated the .htaccess file. It's not hard to forget individuals "hidden" files

Has your domain title transformed? Your posts appear to connect to, instead of If you have transformed the domain title, you'll most likely wish to alter the "siteurl" and "home" values within the wordpress_options table. See this Codex article for more information. Also, as windyjonas states, look at your .htaccess.

Keep in mind this is not a real programming-related question you might be best asking in other places.