My blog's been up for any year approximately, and 90% in our traffic originates from Google, so I wish to make certain that I am handling this permalink change correctly. I lately continue reading Wordpress' codex that such as the statistical %publish_id% at the outset of your permalinks can help reduce the strain in your database, whenever a publish or page has been fetched. So, I made the decision to alter my permalink structure from /%postname%/ to /%publish_id%/postname/.

Now, basically key in, or click a hyperlink to my website in the search engines that appears such as this -, it appears to redirect to my new structure: with no hitch. I am trying to puzzle out whether I have to make use of a 301 redirect wordpress plugin or otherwise. I must believe that search engines like google like Google might find exactly the same "perfect" redirection that I am seeing. There does not appear to become any damaged links. Just searching to verify that I'm going to be okay following this change.


WordPress handles canonical redirects for you personally by delivering 301 Moved Permanently status codes properly. That status code guarantees Google is only going to index you through the new Web addresses (i.e. using the publish IDs inside your permalinks). I have not used a redirection wordpress plugin for some time and my sites happen to be indexed similarly all right.