Ok making this a completely new snag I've encounter. I'm attempting to launch a brand new MDE from the source MDB file, which is securing up Access.

So during my mdb, I'm first compacting and repairing, after which choosing produce a new mde (just like I've done many occasions before).

It appears enjoy it is beginning the procedure, but never reaches where it compacts when it's done, and access isn't reacting. So once i pressure close the application, I try looking in the folder where I'm attempting to produce the MDE to and that i see there's a brand new access db1 file there.

Basically attempt to open it provides me with a mistake that states file not found, after which it states the Visual Fundamental for Programs is corrupt.

The truth is, I simply made a simple adjustment towards the code since last starting an mde, and now I double and triple checked it...it is not that because its only a simple open this type and close that one addition.

Used to do however have my source mdb file on the disc which i replicated to my laptop, after which attempted to re link the tables towards the network drive (had them associated with other tables on my small local drive to ensure that I possibly could develop offline)??


The very first factor to check on is whether or not your code compiles. Visit the VBE window and choose Debug in the menu, then Compile YourProjectName in the submenu. If Compile is not available (greyed out), make any minor change (like give a blank line) to your code modules. Then try the Compile menu option. Fix any compile errors it teaches you before trying to produce an MDE.

Try to operate around these steps:

You have to produce a blank database. Open the corrupted database, after which click Tables under Objects. Right-click on the first table, after which click Export around the shortcut menu. Within the Export to dialog box, browse and click on the recently produced database. Click OK. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for every table, query, and macro.

still, it does not resolve the issue you'll be able to have it retrieved using Access database repair software.