I'm trying to locate a trouble with a poorly coded vb.Internet application (running on vista with database on Win Server 2K3) that at random appears to freeze and crash when being used. Most often this is where utilized by several user at sometimes (two to five customers max). The program doesn't have back finish server, the clients just connect with an MS Access 2k database and do their factor. The program continues to be running effectively for more than three years (in some way) having a heavy workload, and also the problem appears to become recent. I'm reasonably certain the problem is by using the access database, however i am encountering problems finding particulars how MS Access handles synchronised read/creates (access is by vb.Internet library). Does access have built-in protocol additional? Does anybody have ideas why the issue would emerge after three years, with a lighter workload?

Note: I actually do not need source code

Standard home windows updates happen to be installed, with no new access updates happen to be applied

Any help could be appreciated.

Take a look only at that publish. It is the best explanation of Access concurrency issues I've come across. msaccess-mdb-concurrency