Does anybody are conscious of something that can produce a MS-Access database from the configuration file? It must have the ability to do things outdoors from the SQL spec for example have the ability to create macros, modules, and forms, making changes towards the "Research" tab which can be found in Design View.

And when possible, I have to have the ability to export a current database towards the configuration extendable.

The main reason I want the reason being we presently check b .mdb file with almost 200 tables into Resumes, therefore it will get checked in quite frequently. And also, since it is a binary file, there is no good way to diff two different revisions from the file.

I guess I possibly could do all of it programmatically using vbscript, but surely there has to be an simpler way.

You don't have to look into the binary .mdb in wholesale. MS Access supports Visual Sourcesafe that provides finer grain control. I have tried on the extender in anger and delay pills work fine.

Using Visual SourceSafe in Microsoft Access

Failing that see: How do you use version control with Access development?

The small recorded SaveAsText and LoadFromText In the debug/immediate window type: Application.SaveAsText acForm,"MyForm","c:form.txt You are able to load the file right into a new MDB. Application.LoadFromText acForm,"MyForm","c:from.txt"

Sample code at to save all objects within an MDB. Objects as Text (At the end.) This can be a MS Access add-for the reason that supplies a GUI for that SaveAsText and LoadFromText techniques.

This really is exactly the same method a Resumes for example Microsoft SourceSafe uses with Access.

Removing/placing forms, macros and modules between ms-access and text files can be simply done through the 'saveAsText' / 'LoadFromText' techniques, as already suggested here. After that you can compare multiple version of files with any tool much like 'Files Compare Tool'.

Additionally to links already cited on ths page, please visit serialize ms access database objects to text files and working with multiple programmers on ms access

But regrettably the 'saveAsText' technique is quite unuseful if this involves table comparison, where both data and structure need to be in comparison! Text files produced with this method only compare table content, although not table structure. You will have with the idea to write your personal tool or to obtain the one which fits your need on the internet (I suppose you'll google something similar to ms-access table compare).