I've got a small dilema concerning the work assignment which i got. I'm a part-time student assistant only at that institution where my boss wants me to "fix" the MS-Access database we've. However , i'm not sure how to start. I am talking about my boss isn't so computer savvy and wouldn't have the ability to tell what is wrong by using it. All i understand is the fact that it's very buggy, inefficient(no mix-sectional automatic update. I am talking about after i perform the new entry and save it within the database, and visit "reviews" to print it, i must erase old info by having an worker title along with a number and input new info). Anyways, to create the lengthy story short, I had been wishing to obtain some tips about how to measure the entire database structure i.e. determine the efficiency level and to determine what exactly is it that i have to fix to be able to allow it to be better. I'm sorry to be vague however i do accept vague solutions :). If you direct towards certain book, website, as well as other source where i'm able to learn what questions i have to request concerning the database to be able to have the ability to optimize it, i'll be happy.

P.S. My MS-Access efficiency level is effectively . I actually do possess some programming experience of JAVA, R, MATLAB and stand out obviously.

You will laugh, but long ago many, a long time ago after i was initially researching using Access, I discovered it Access for Idiot's very useful. See should they have a version for that version of Access you're using.

Allen Browne includes a website with excellent tips for novices through experts. It's nearly as good a beginning place every, however it does not change the truth that good database design is not only a ten-minute tutorial away.

You've good quality "beginning point" solutions on Access particularly within the other solutions. Bear in mind that Access is greater than a database--it is a database database integration system (I actually do not would like to get into any arguments about how exactly good it's because of its intended purpose, and also the OP most likely does not wish to read them).

For non-specific database fundamentals, what are foundation which the relaxation from the Access sytem is dependent, I suggest this tutorial. In case your database schema design is solid, you are able to build after that. In case your schema is screwed up, you may never have the ability to salvage everything from it.

Here is a list of books. Access Cook book, second Edition by Ken Getz, Paul Litwin, Andy Baron includes a good status.