I know for running multiple wordpress styles at ounce. This can be a positive thing to construct right into a wordpress wordpress plugin, if at all possible. Company, I would undertake this type of task whether it is not absurdly hard.

(Also, if you are looking at joining track of me, tell me (leave a comment), I'm decent at javascript and php, although not to great, and want outside assistance!)

This is the way I view it working: Current "set" theme is obtainable here: "world wide web.foo.com/" Second theme accessible here: "world wide web.foo.com/index.php?set_theme=theme2&lifier" Third theme accessible here: "world wide web.foo.com/index.php?set_theme=THEME_Title_HERE&lifier" etc...

This may be employed for javascript fall backs. For instance, if put forth world wide web.foo.com/?page_id=9 and also have javascript switched on, you'll hit a javascript redirect to "world wide web.foo.com/index.php?set_theme=THEM_WITH_JAVASCRIPT&page_id=9".

This is the way I think of the wordpress plugin code searching/working:


       if($loadme is available) else as always, as though this wordpress plugin does not exist


     else as always, as though this wordpress plugin does not exist


Not to mention, all of the links would need to ad ?set_theme=FOOBAR&lifier

So, my primary questions are:

  1. Where and how does Wordpress choose the present theme?
  2. How/where can you ad this to change internal links-
  3. Are you aware associated with a good websites to suggest me within the right direction regarding steps to make Wordpress plug ins?

You may want to consider the Theme Switcher wordpress plugin to determine how that achieves this - should provide you with ideas.

Don't actually need a wordpress plugin, just add this to functions.php:

        function theme_switcher() title = ‘template’ OR option_title = ‘stylesheet’ OR option_title = ‘current_theme’”





then use mywebsite.com/?theme=myNewTheme to change them

Disclaimer: untested!!

Found a wordpress plugin which was 98% of how there. Wordpress Theme Switcher Reloaded.

Just transformed the ts_get_theme() function the following:

    function ts_get_theme()         else