i’m focusing on the wordpress and buddypress. I had been easily implemented the multilingual for wordpress but it’s really very difficult to implement for buddypress.

I been through the majority of the forums, most people stated buddypress multiligual wordpress plugin only works best for Wordpress Multisite. Could it be in whatever way make it possible for the multilingual for buddypress or already any wordpress plugin is available with this task??

I attempted the buddypress multilingual lpugin too. But it is not supporting!! Please leave your suggestions!

I'd exactly the same problem some days ago. I apologize but you've three options:

  • Consider customize the Buddypress ML wordpress plugin to be able to have it working: That's modify every type of code that isn't working during the last version of Buddypress and fixing it. It's lots of work but, without a doubt, probably the most valuable option. You are able to request for help with this locally of Buddypress because there are many people searching for this.
  • Allow it to be multilingual just the labels and never the publish (that may be easy done modifying your wordpress-config.php to obtain the GET parameter and loading the needed file of location:

    if ( isset($_GET['lan']) &lifier&lifier $_GET['lan'] == 'es') define ('WPLANG', 'es_ES')

The issue with that's you simply get situated labels from the website and never this content, clearly, however i think inside a community like Buddypress the majority of the submissions are produced through the user so that they will write it in the language and it's not necessary to be worried about translate it. (is much like Facebook, labels from the site converted although not this content).

  • Finally, create a blog for every language and make manual links together: How about that? Well if Wordpress can perform now multisite, you may create your blog for, for instance, the The spanish language content and the other for that British. You'll must to hyperlink each publish together with his translation but might be a easy solution for the problem.

Sorry for my bad british, I am The spanish language but I think you'll comprehend it.