I am trying to position a .mdf database on the Computer A and can get on concurrently on Computer B but I am getting a mistake that states I am unable to access the mdf file since it is getting used by another process.

The setup is, the database is located on the Public folder in Computer A. I've Visual Studio running on computer systems, and Computer B accesses the database on Computer A.

Computer An Association path string:


Computer B Connection path string:

Can there be some kind of setting that I don't are conscious of make it possible for multiple access on the db? Or no chance?


Allow me to rephrase my question, sorry.

You will find two computer systems connected using a network, and I wish to access one Visual Studio solution/project website. I needed to get this done like a demonstration, is it feasible?

Synchronised or immediate access to Database files under any DBMS control whether very bad practice or just impossible.

Use proper DBMS tools to gain access to the information.

Company - its likely to gain access to Site work for demo.

You ought to have a clear case of SQL Server (even express) running around the host machine.

All demands in the clients should make use of the standard systems for hooking up to that particular server instance. Quite simply, they will not run their very own copy of SQL Server, rather they'll connect with the instance running around the host machine.

Install SQL Server around the host machine (the one which you need to keep the database on).

Then in Visual Studio, make use of the "Server Explorer" to discover the remote demonstration of the database. After that, you may use the remote demonstration of SQL Server inside your connection string, thus permitting you to definitely connect multiple computer systems to some single database.

Using two cases of SQL Server for connecting towards the single .mdf file is an extremely bad practice.