We are intending to use RavenDB inside a production atmosphere and various clients may have different databases, but I must make use of the same demonstration of RavenDB.

This site describes the development of multiple databases: http://ravendb.net/documentation/multiple-databases

I've attempted to produce a Databases-folder within the server-folder after which produced personal files named MyCustomerName (without extension). I've attempted different other activities, however i keep obtaining the message:

  "Url": "/databases/MyCustomerName",
  "Message": "Could not find a database named: MyCustomerName",
  "Error": "Could not find a database named: MyCustomerName"

This site above may be the only source I possibly could find about them and I am i only need some direction to make this happen.

Stephan, the documentation does not discuss a "file", it discusses a "document". You ought to be developing a document within the master database that describe this.

You may also do that while using API by calling: