I've 3 different domain names, world wide web.example.com, world wide web.mywebsite.com, world wide web.domain.com. During my server, I've 3 folders, world wide web/example, world wide web/mywebsite, world wide web/domain. I would like each Hyperlink to indicate each particular folder, and that i want all demands towards the different Web addresses to obtain the content in the own folder. For instance, whenever a user types world wide web.example.com/home.php, I would like it to discover the file world wide web/example/home.php, but without getting the URL redirect to world wide web.example.com/example/home.php (I'm not going your directory names to become visible).

The issue is that i'm on the shared server, and for that reason I am unable to edit the conf files to instill VirtualHosts or change DocumentRoots. And So I require a method which involves an htaccess file.

Basically, I want an htaccess file within the root directory, world wide web/.htaccess, which informs the server that after a request is built to world wide web.example.com, return the contents in world wide web/example folder, and so forth for my other domain names.

Thanks ahead of time.

Try the next

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond $ example1.com$

ReqriteRule ^(.*)$ /world wide web/example1.com/$1

RewriteCond $ example2.com$

ReqriteRule ^(.*)$ /world wide web/example2.com/$1