I've got a customer that been on the internet for a while. They've purchased a domain title that describe it product, an additional yet another current. Since company has developed to some thing general and it has purchased a 3rd domain - something similar to:

  1. veggies.com (2005)
  2. ecolo-veggies.com (2006)
  3. good-health-eating.com (2009)

Listed here are my questions:

  1. What's the wager method of getting all individuals domain names underneath the new title?
  2. The brand new title is unknown to internet search engine along with other linker, I'd rather not lose the ranking, what exactly is the easiest method to keep that ranking?
  3. Can One point Web addresses towards the "best" rated domain?
  4. What append towards the backlinker? they connect to wich domain ?
  5. The brand new domain includes a "-" within the title... wich is actually good to Search engine optimization but just a little abnormal to type, must i obtain the no dash version too?

n.b. It make sens to redirect all of the domain underneath the same, and can you select the earliest (with modrewrite) or even the latest however with no existence under it's belt (therefore it dont exist any place in internet search engine)

another p.s. Many will let me know to redirect with .htaccess, but must i alter the dns to suggest towards the last .com. wich option would be better

I'll give mtss is a go.

1. You may have redirects or simply permit the DNS from the domain to suggest towards the new (preferred) website.

2. You can understand Search engine optimization (Seo) nowadays - making certain you will find the correct meta data along with other SE info provides you with a large bit of support. There is not in whatever way of moving SE ranks.

3. That's possible. You might have ABCDEF.COM at # 3 on the internet, however set ABCDEF.COM to redirect to GHIJKL.COM.

4. Should you setup redirects, and also the new site has got the same content because the old one, there's the possiblity of establishing your DNS as well as your redirect to redirect towards the latest version from the previous page around the new website. ( I do not think I phrased that perfectly, we do hope you catch my drift )

5. From pure experience I'd say yes, get both. That method for you to sell to your customer audience as ABCDEF.com, but show to SEs as AB-Compact disc-EF.COM.

Are three sites "Different" or will they indicate exactly the same website/content?

  1. Use 301 Redirects to redirect your old domains towards the new domains. If all domain names are going towards the same website, make certain additionally you make use of the Canonical Tag on all of your pages.
  2. Should you 301 Redirect in the old domains / web addresses, your ratings is going to be transfered for your new domain/pages. (the only real exception for this may be any other points you receive from embedded key phrases inside your old domains).
  3. You need to point old web addresses for your "new" web addresses/domain. Ratings and backlinks should/is going to be transfered towards the new web addresses/domain.
  4. Ideally all of your back links should update their links towards the new domain, however it does not really matter. When the old domain names are 301 redirecting towards the new domain anyway, indicate that old domain is like pointing towards the new domain.
  5. Certainly obtain the no-dash version from the domain too and merely get it 301 redirect towards the actual domain you need to target.