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Multiple hostnames for any single Wordpress blog to manage displayed publish groups

Will it be achieved? Otherwise, why don't you Else, how may I? :3

I am attempting to conserve a single blog only show posts from the particular category for any certain host title :/

I discovered http://codex.wordpress.org/The_Loop#Exclude_Posts_From_Some_Category but it will not alter the domain in links, etc :/

Thomas - you will find a couple of ways you can accomplish this. If you prefer a solution that does not involve establishing another Wordpress network for every hostname (presuming you are using Wordpress 3.1), a neat way may be to rewrite the URL in the web server. Wordpress already requires you to definitely cofigure rewrite rules for pretty URL support, so there is no reason you can internally map category.example.com into www.example.com/category. Should you made all of your site's links relative, this might work reasonably well.

Otherwise, I'd produce a network for every hostname, and write a multi-site wordpress plugin that changes the Wordpress_Query for just about any request received on the 'category' network, to retrieve posts in the primary blog having a category filter. But you'd most likely finish up fighting Wordpress all the way :-)

There might be a neater solution.