Is it feasible(as they are) to possess multiple website running on a single Joomla installation.

The concept would be to give clients a distinctive domain(or sub domain) and in line with the request from a particular domain the vista ought to be put together (theme selection, articles, pages).. Is it feasible.. ??

It essential that for every domain we ought to possess a unique theme.

I'm not particular about Joomla..When the same can be done effortlessly in almost any other Content management systems like Drupal,etc then please share your ideas comparable.

Thanks ahead of time

i don't know about installation, however, you can store all of the data right into a single database, but bear in mind that it's possible with multiple prefixes,

means as if you have two joomla sites one with 'jos_' prefix(automatically joomla prefix, you are able to change this) and also the other with various prefix

In Drupal this really is known as "multisites" and it's not hard to have each site have its very own theme and/as well as have additional modules used only on some sites, but all sites generally utilizing the same Drupal installation. Anyway, that which you describe is generally completed in Drupal and fairly simple to complete.

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