I have to find occasions wordpress plugin for Wordpress, that demonstrate different event calendars for various pages. For instance:

  1. world wide web.somesite.com/occasions-for-john.html - can have only occasions of this guy.

  2. world wide web.somesite.com/occasions-for-michael.html - can have only occasions of this guy.

* Start time using the hrs should be too. Like: Event was began 11/10/2011 14:13 until 12/10/2011 15:30.

Site visitors just see calendars, but don't have any choices to order some.

This wordpress plugin must have option to utilize multiple quantity of calendars. Like:

  1. Calendar for John
  2. Calendar for Michael

During these calendars administrator can also add new occasions.

One wordpress plugin that will work for what you're trying may be the Wordpress Editorial Calendar An alternative choice that will work nicely could be embedding google calendars in to the site in line with the user.