I'm using two wordpress plug ins Wordpress-Cycle and NextGen-Gallery. These two plug ins use jquery cycle wordpress plugin. Can there be any way of preventing this within the theme?

I begin to see the following error in firebug:

[cycle] terminating; zero elements found by selector

I believe this really is leading to among my other jquery script to operate improperly.

The page using the problem is: http://www.rakshakfoundation.org/temp-2/

The script that's not functioning properly: http://www.rakshakfoundation.org/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/js/conditional_logic.js?ver=1.5.2


What's the wordpress plugin designed to do? It appears that this isn't a mistake, rather, it's debugging output. My prediction would be that the dev sensibly is checking for many type of element prior to the routine operates. Since no elements put together, the routine is not run along with a debugging message is printed out. You will find no JS errors occurring. My prediction would be that the wordpress plugin tries to do anything designed to do (possibly a surgical procedure on some images), consider no matching elements are located, the succession is ended. So far as I will tell, the wordpress plugin appears to do it's job.

The Cycle wordpress plugin is definitely being loaded two times because each wordpress plugin loads another version within different handle. Wordpress-Cycle enqueues the wordpress plugin as 'cycle' whereas nextegen enqueues it as being 'jquery-cycle'.

What for you to do is by hand override the loading of one of these simple (presuming both works using the latest version from the jQuery wordpress plugin) by editing the functions.php file inside your theme's directory and adding the road.

<?php wp_deregister_script( 'jquery-cycle' ); ?> 

That will work, but when not you are able to edit nggallery.php and comment the line

wp_register_script('jquery-cycle', NGGALLERY_URLPATH .'js/jquery.cycle.all.min.js', array('jquery'), '2.88');