I had been requested to set up numerous WordPress sites in IIS. I am wondering, need to convince my clients to make use of Apache rather? Must I stay away from IIS?

Things I am worried about: 1 - Based on this Q&A, permalinks work in a different way in IIS : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2993221/moving-wordpress-from-apache-to-iis

2 - I must find IIS specific instructions for fixing problems that won't have happened basically used Apache. Which could end up with annoying.

3 - The most recent version of WordPress might not act as expected in IIS.

4 - Place another problem I would run into using ISS rather than Apache

Shall We Be Held in attempting to avoid IIS?

You will find a variety of reasons located in technical particulars from the variations in Light and IIS, but merely let them know that performance and security is way better under Apache. Using their perspective, which will save money and time, in most cases individuals are the most crucial items to clients.