I'm to determine whether or not to use Apache Click or Apache Tapestry 5 framework. Which I ought to choose? I am searching for a framwork which i can use for building Java EE web programs for the following couple of years. The following couple of days I'm going to be testing both of them running sample and custom projects, but Let me know ahead of time if one of these isn't stable or large enough for massive enterprise programs. I want results with no problems with Maven, various AJAX and Eclipse.

Thanks ahead of time, StackOverflow comunity :)

Well, thanks Dragan. I believe the fundamental real question is are you currently confident with an element oriented framework (Tapestry) versus. an action-oriented framework (Click). The character of components, as least the Tapestry way, would be that the framework may take over numerous of labor of your stuff factor like how you can form Web addresses, things to title query parameters, or session attribute names. Additionally, Tapestry provides extensive room for meta-programming, and also the general programming model, which focuses on mutable objects wealthy with data and procedures, is much more fun than coping with typical servlets. I'm not sure enough about Click to express how or maybe it addresses these problems, but I am very comfortable suggesting Tapestry over every other framework I am conscious of.

Tapestry may be the web framework for complex JavaEE projects. I have used it fro three years now also it never fails.

You may be good at Tapestry5 rapidly, but when you're a new comer to IOC concepts etc. it might take some time to get accustomed to.

I'd say tapestry has some moderately steep learning curve, however it doesn't have limits in you skill, and virtually everything are carried out quite stylishly, using the framework assisting you in many different ways and never walking your ft.


I recommend that you simply use them both. Begin with apache click. It will require your a few days otherwise a couple of hrs to obtain began and write a credit card applicatoin. After carrying out a small application , now use tapestry. This might take your quite sometime to understand. you might enjoy it. apache click really is easy and you will get started extremely fast. Tapestry is extremely complex and could convey more features . Among them is wicket. Am more knowledgeable with wicket and that i did several programs by using it. I've attempted tapestry5 several occasions. I've quit onto it then returned into it later and quit again. Am now testing out apache click also it appears quite good. My point, spend sometime using the frameworks and you'll pick the one which best suites your. Wicket, tapestry, click and JSF are some of the most widely used component based java web frameworks.