I've got a database which has plenty of data and it is all "neat", stabilized (within reason - using EAV), and that i have saved methods to gain access to and customize the data.

I in addition have a WinForms application that customers download to look and examine this data (no card inserts). To create things handy to be used and updates, I have used SQLite to keep this data and delay pills work very well.

I am focusing on upgrading the whole process and I'm wondering basically should make use of a denormalized look at the information to ship to the customers, ala the 1 table with the qualities as posts, or continue using exactly the same schema because the master database?

My primary ideas are like :

Denormalized View: Benefits... Supplies a simple approach to querying the information (since I am not doing lots of joins, just a lot of column searching.

Cons... I'd need to run a second data access layer. Granted I do not think it will likely be difficult, but it's still a little more work.

If your new rentals are added, I'd need to customize the schema again and accomodate for that changes. Wheras I'm able to simply query the home bag and work form there.

Same Schema: Pros... Same layout as master database, so updates are minimal, and that i may even make use of the same queries when building my Data Access Layer since SQLite does not support saved methods.

Cons... There's lots of small tables for research codes and so on, and so i could start encountering issues when building the queries and controlling it within the DAL.

How must i proceed?

Should you develop the application to question sights from the data as opposed to the underlying data itself, you'll have the ability to keep your same database for situations without concern or the necessity to change your DAL.