I've got a wordpress website which has multiple designers attempting to can get on and they would like to make use of the built-in theme editor. the theme editor requires write access for that apache group.

I am trying to puzzle out how to get this done and I believed about adding all of the customers the the apache group? Is the fact that an awful idea? could it be unsecure?

Each user needs to sign in using their user account via sftp. Both must have the ability to email the files. It might be fine to create a group on their behalf, given that they make use of the theme editor, the audience must fit in with apache.

Based on the Wordpress codex, the theme folder is built to be fully writable, however i just don't understand that. I'd rather keep user and group permissions for access

Secure way is always to add separate group for your wordpress site, and add all needed customers to that particular group. To create web editor work, you can easily add apache itself to stated group too, or (better, but more complicated to setup) use suexec to operate your wordpress separate user, therefore separating it using their company sites and also the system.