I'm another year Computer Engineering student and I have to study in-depth GUI with database programming.

I'm not brand-new into it when i make some small-projects in C#...and Java... However have to master the topic.

My Real question is by which language is well outfitted and demanding(market prospective) Java or C#?

Clearly I am unable to do each of them and that i realize that the majority of the coding in Java and C# are identical.... but so far as GUI and Database programming is worried you will find some variations... Several reference Books is going to be a big help :-))

It is dependent in your target systems... I'd say it's generally faster to build up in C# in Visual Studio compared to Java. Also C# ties into Microsoft SQL Server very nicely. C# and .Internet 4. provides you with Home windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for building GUI's, that we find to become better than Home windows Forms or Java GUI's, although I've not labored with Java over a couple of many before I built a Java GUI it had been with Swing.

There's lots of support from Microsoft for C# and MS SQL Server, and you will do the majority of things free of charge (just like Java). If you're focusing on Home windows systems, I'd opt for C#.

EDIT: Also, LINQ-to-SQL rocks !, very intuitive means to access the database and obtain objects to utilize. So another plus to C# from me.

By "demanding" I believe you mean to express "sought after".

Best factor to complete is to check out the classified advertisements, see which types of information mill requesting java and which kinds are requesting C#, after which choose which of these two to stress according to your job goals and private preferences.