Must I stay away from a Content management systems if I wish to have the ability to rapidly make good sites with increased features/choices to personalize than Wordpress?

I wish to be a better webdeveloper and in a position to rapidly make good, fast, secure websites with a lot of functionality without having to be limited in order I'd be around Wordpress. I do not see writing plenty of plug-inches to achieve exactly the same functionality like a nice solution for doing my very own programming.

I've written a couple of games, quizzes along with other scripts Let me have the ability to recycle or easily adapt to utilize the Content management systems.

I presently possess a multi-lingual website that actually works having a /nl/ and /en/ part, which has a couple of self-written games I authored in PHP.

I am presently focusing on a project using joomla and you will find a lot of custom features that I have to implement. It's my job to have to produce a wordpress plugin or module for the reason that situation. It is a discomfort. I'd much prefer doing the majority of this on your own rather than hacking in the code. Basically were built with a choice, I'd not make use of a Content management systems. I personally don't like them.

I believe ultimately it comes down to long-term support. Whenever you develop a custom Content management systems in cake or any other framework it's much simpler and faster that you should personalize and make how you wan too. This is effective if this sounds like a project you're thinking about supporting (this means bug/user support when ever you release this Content management systems on non devs). This could be a headache pretty fast when things need updates and customers are searching for fixes and changes. It's totally workable, just much more of a headache then something with community support.

That being stated, if you're comfortable in wordpress the quantity of support that is available for the reason that community is big. So frequently occasions you are able to leave the project knowing updates for that Content management systems and plug ins will be in a regular speed.

TLDR Therefore if it is a project you realize you'll be supporting long-term (or people with similar comfort and level of skill while you) i quickly would say construct it oneself for easy build and personalization. If this sounds like a 1 off or something like that you intend on handing on a customer with virtually no support, building within a residential area supported platform is better.

I truly comes lower to focal points, should you things to develop a site really fast a CSM is unequalled, but you don't have exactly the same treatments for the core while you do whenever you wright it on your own.

But that you can do nearly all factor with plug ins/modules therefore the control can there be if you're prepared to work for this. Should you wright it oneself you'll be the only real group of eyes more often than not therefore it will generally be reduced to implement new standers and security fix's (because you will have to locate them first) however with a Content management systems you'll have lots of people scheming to make it better and safe simultaneously.

If you wish to be rounded I believe youe have to have the ability to do both, you cannot control exactly what the customer really wants to apply certain occasions.

You may make site very rapidly having a Content management systems like Joomla the main problem is even getting over 7000 extensions sometimes for the particular purpose you do not find extra time and developing extra time could be real tough. it takes an extensive understanding of Framework. If all that you should do is manage content Content management systems is the greatest choice. If it's just like a web application and require more interactions choose some framework which offer the fundamental skeleton of the application. e.g. for CRUD operation many frameworks provide scaffold feature making this factor simple. CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Kohana are the best PHP frameworks you should use.