I have to implement upgrade database

I've within the codebase code the whole shebang with redgate and understand how to generate compare data and schema

This works fine, but my manager explained he think it's easier to create the delta script once at work, and save the version from the database within the database, so when update happens within the area there'll switch statment from version one place to another run particular script

He stated it's more definsive approch, while he have no idea exactly what the script will generate in run time, There exists a medical program, therefore we can not afford to update the database using the wrong data

Is his approch is familiar for you? can you recommand it?


I am the merchandise manager for SQL Compare at Red-colored Gate. SQL Compare will create a reliable script within the huge most of conditions. However, you shouldn't apply the alterations to some production atmosphere without first getting: 1) Restored a current backup like a Staging atmosphere and applied the script like a test 2) Supported Production just before running the script.

Saving the version within the production target is really a seem idea, because it enables you to definitely interrogate this before using a script that is produced elsewhere. However, it's really no guarantee the target server may be the one it states be. This really is known as 'drift' where ad-hoc changes might have been designed to a database with no version number being up-to-date.

Red-colored Gate is promoting its very own versioning mechanism that stamps the prospective database using the revision from the database as locked in source control. Read much more about the salt water evaporates here: http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/content/SQL_Source_Control/help/3.0/SSC_Working_With_Migrations

We are trying to evolve and continuously improve how databases are used so tell us for those who have any feedback.