I've about 15 high definition background images for my website, each weigh around 500 Megabytes. Im wondering if there's a benefit to storing them on Amazon . com S3 rather than my very own web server. It appears such as the pages should load faster if close to my server, although not sure

500mb each will probably be very slow in either case. However, if you'll want such huge images, S3 with Cloud Front serving up is probably faster (unsure about this large of files though). I'd do both frequently (S3 and native) to appraise the difference.

500KB you mean?

What you're explaining is known as a content delivery network or CDN, offloading images out of your own webserver to some CDN can be quite useful within the right situations. I operate a site where where 50% in our hits and 66% in our bandwidth originated from images, and that we were flooding our pipe.

Instead of investing the $$ to upgrade our link in the colocation facility, we invest our images on the CDN. Instant decrease in both bandwidth AND CPU load on the internet server needing to offer static images. That essentially gave us another year of growth before we needed to make a move else.

Amazon . com S3 is not a real CDN, we investigated utilizing it as a result and lots of the feedback I discovered established that the large problem would be latency, and also, since within our use situation we'd many small images for everyone up, latency would be a factor. Therefore we opted for another CDN, but Amazon . com CloudFront could have been appropriate for your. Within our situation the price per request could have been an excessive amount of for all of us.

My knowledge about S3 is it might not be fast because there's a latency that's significant. However the primary advantage is that's said to be constant and reliable, something which most likely you can't say in regards to a private hosting.

If you choose to use S3, one important detail is selecting the zone (US-East, US-West, Europe, Asia) based on the location of the customers. That could lessen the latency.

And the other detail may be the prices ( http://aws.amazon . com.com/s3/#prices ). With individuals prices you'll pay about $ ,1 for every 2K demands of the 500 Kb skills, which for me is affordable.