Basically use Put together CGI rather than utilizing a construed language like PHP, Python and so on. in High Traffic Scenario can i encounter some problem ? presuming I'll have no development related problem like me more acquainted with the put together languages.

should a CGI Application be constructed with a Embedded server ? like Wt, Pion, Mongoose and so on. or simply make develop the application and set the CGI binary in Document cause of standard Apache Installation ? which is much better choice ?

can Pion, Wt, or other Embedded Web Server handle High Traffic ? or I seriously have to change to Apachhe HTTPD (embedded ?). You might say switching to Apache HTTPD is a better option Why not boost.asio things ?

Basically arrange for High Traffic and that i choose to run the application under standard Apache Installation as CGI binary must i perform the same while developing it ? Could it be really easier to make use of an embedded server while developing and proceed to real server while implementing.