I'm developing intranet system for big company (5000-10000 utilizes) and i must hear any comments or advices in the community.

The machine includes 2 parts:

  1. Primary Intranet system: According to Company local server and all sorts of access is going to be within company local network.
  2. Site for company people: Company people can access from online and therefore use any available services.

The minor problem would be to design right solution for 2 nd part, and undoubtedly i've considered individuals 2 ideas:

  1. First thought ended up being to have installed the primary intranet system on company local network and also have subsystem(for people access) on remote website hosting provider side. However in this situation i'll face to duplicate a part of DB into remote website hosting which breaks in the data integrity and privacy(financial reviews ...).
  2. Second thought ended up being to have companies own hardware infrastructure at company office and also to host the web site for company people by itself. So company people can use of site and ask for and examine reviews and perform other actions. But i am not so sure about technical part with this situation. Like how you can put company own web server and serve demands from World wide web and i must hear any information on this.

Any advice or suggestion could be highly appreciated.

Inside your situation, I'd tend to choose the 2nd option, internal hosting. The problems of needing to secure your internet server and so forth aren't really anymore involved compared to issues of having your computer data to a 3rd party and keeping that secure.

If you do not understand how you'd start getting a openly accessible web server, you need to most likely speak to your IT people and network company about this the solutions and concerns you will find a lot of character of "what all of their job is all aboutInch than "something that may be packed right into a StackOverflow answer".