I am within the planning phase for creating a web application and am trying to puzzle out my best choice as far database options goes. I am already acquainted with php and mysql database. Initially, the web site will not be handling any transactions, but my hope would be that the website will expand to some degree and I'll incorporate transactions and purchasers online. My problem is, will php be secure enough for future years transactions? Otherwise, could it be easy to switch from mysql to maybe.. Oracle or any other "safer database" as the is growing? Interesting some time and reactions.

Arrange for the expected future and never beyond. If utilized properly MySQL can scale incredibly well (just take a look at a few of the names which use it http://www.mysql.com/why-mysql/case-studies/ ).

For the safety aspect, that's totally as much as your coding ability. Security isn't naturally better in a single language or DB over another, but certain languages possess a low barrier to entry (PHP being one of these) so that they often invite many hobby developers who develop programs that scale badly and therefore are security bad dreams.

Stay with what you are aware of give your technology develop as needed. Most web applications that finish up seriously scaling possess a couple of rewrites within their history (frequently altering DB engines, frameworks, platforms, languages...). You cannot predict the near future, so stay with what you are proficient at now.

tldr: PHP and MySQL is going to be fine.

Php &lifier MySQL are utilized in countless commercial / transactional sites all over the world. Security-smart, it's believe it or not secure than every other language available.

Switching to Oracle can also be no problem, though I neglect to realise why you might be eager dive into individuals * cough cough * certification costs that it arrives with.

Scotty: while it has been very long time since i have avoid using MySQL myself, I actually do think MySQL is really a mature database able to handle immeasureable transactions and provide excellent security.

I simply saw mwan100 answer and i believe is directly on the cash: you need to stay with that which you know now and arrange for the expected future and never beyond.

MySQL can be used by just about all hosting companies on the planet. To ensure that should provide you with an idea of why MySQL ought to be seriously considered. After which To be sure - arrange for the forseeable future only and never beyond.