I am attempting to write a slideshow for joomla. Particularly one that'll be placed alongside articles (no always connected using the article though). Must i write an element, or perhaps a module? OR must i write an element that's put into the page utilizing a module (such as the com_banner and mod_banner stuff within the joomla fundamental installation).

I understand I'm reinventing the wheel, however i actually want to find out about joomla modding.

You'll need a module. You are able to assign modules to the menu products.

Modules can look on that page and "sub-pages". For instance, should you assign a module to some food selection that indicates a "Article blog layout", it can look on that page and also the articles linked from this.

Should you only have to have one specific article, or any page with no specific food selection, produce a new menu known as "hidden menu" making a food selection inside it. Menus are not appearing unless of course you publish recption menus module.

Incidentally, you will find many slideshow components for Joomla already available - Photoslide from gavick.com is fairly good, and free.

If you wish to connect the slideshow to some specific article i believe you need to write an element, because in by doing this you've with additional control around the article and you will manage its structure and it is layout.

Simple to follow article on developing a component Component