Our organization presently has seven devoted SQL Server 2008 servers each running typically 10 databases.

All databases have numerous saved methods and UDFs that generally reference other databases both on a single server as well as across linked servers.

We presently use SSMS for those database related administration and development but we've lately bought Visual Studio 2010 mainly for ongoing C# WinForms and ASP.Internet development.

I have tried personally VS2010 to do schema evaluations when moving out changes from the development server into production and I am discovering it ideal for this.

We wish to think about using VS2010 for those database development moving forward but so far as I realize, we would need to setup ALL databases as projects due to the dependencies on linked servers etc.

My real question is, have you got any experience using VS2010 for database rise in an identical atmosphere? Could it be simple to use together with SSMS or perhaps is it a 1 way street once VS2010 projects happen to be setup for those databases?

Are you able to make any recommendations/impart any knowledge about an identical scenario?



I do not use whatever reason you could not use SSMS in tandom with Versus 2010 - really, for many procedures like CREATE DATABASE, you will need to - you can't do this from Versus.

Versus is most likely an excellent database dev atmosphere for 60-80% of the cases - however i doubt you'll have the ability to completely ignore SSMS. However: the Visual Studio database projects are actually nothing apart from collections of SQL scripts - and so i aren't seeing why anybody would if you have to "go completely" with Versus should you begin using it this way..... it simply executes SQL scripts against a SQL database - you are able to and should still use SQL Server Management Studio for more advanced tasks.....