I've got a hosting that is shared plan. Now, my webhost states it's important to possess devoted IP Addrss to set up SSL certificate?

Is the fact that true?

Are we able to install SSL certificate without devoted Ip?

Regrettably they're being truthful, you will have to buy a devoted IP from their store to be able to make use of a certificate.

Since SSL/TLS handshake happens before any http headers (most particularly the host header) is distributed there is no method in which the net server could know which certificate to transmit. You are able to host multiple domain names/subdomain on a single ip/port utilizing a SAN or wildcard certificate certificate but you'd still need a minimum of on devoted IP.

For additional particulars see http://blogs.iis.internet/thomad/archive/2008/01/25/ssl-certificates-on-sites-with-host-headers.aspx