After watching the F8 keynote my opportunity really wants to make use of the options using the new open graph beta.

The problem:

The organization is devided by 50 percent different sites, an archive label along with a artist management site. Both sites have a similar artists, but have different publish options.

The artist site publish event dates and locations towards the graph API and also the record label puts out if somebody listens or buys a track.

All of the artist get their own domain names too and have to have all of the options of the aforementioned sites, however just for the artist itself.

Explaining the setup as pointed out above, should i produce a application for every site to include the functionality, despite the fact that they're essentially the same?? It is possible to method to use 1 application on all domain names?

You should use one application which hosts all of the metadata pages after which redirects customers once they click with the links.

I'd denote your sites to become canonical and employ it mainly. Only redirect whether it does not possess the content.

Another option is emigrate your sites so that they live under subdomains from the root domain. Facebook authentication and open graph supports utilizing a single application across all subdomains of the root domain.