I am being confused, I've got a function that must update some table, I've placed it inside controller, however now I've discovered which i will have to utilize it inside other 2 remotes.

What's the best practice to put the function that creating updates and where you can put it and just how to refer to it as?

maybe assistant?

Have you make your models by stretching JTable? Within this situation, just add the technique there. It's perfectly ok to possess business logic within the model for example "increment all rows of the user id by one" (static method) or "separate this title and save it into posts name &lifier second title" (normal method).

The assistant will have to apply to the controller, as it will likely be put on all remotes. I'll think that not every remotes would see meaning in calling the Update.

You can produce a static class having a static method that will improve your table.

etc Give a file towards the Models folder after which produce the following class.

public static CalledFromMultipleLocations
     public static void UpdateMyTable(string somedata)
          //Do you update code.

Not understanding your company object model its difficult to really give a solution.