I create MVC in php. my index.php file is the one that choose to call controller.php. Controller.php is told to produce an item class and execute method within the view. Because, view.php produces another object class from models/model.php after which request for information. ( model class handles database ) model.php gives back information that view.php can manage the information. After exhibiting it within the form [using echo], the button I create does not appear to operate. I recognize that it's the view exhibiting the data. But exactly how the edit form works then?

Who's going to fireplace the job to obtain data update from Form? I understand I miss something. if my view includes a button, it will only fire the url to controller right? [ for instance,

    foreach($this->_rows as $i=>$row) {
        $this->_dynamic .= '<tr class="row" '. $i % 2 .'">

         <td><p>Date : <input type="text" name="holiday" id="datepicker" value="'.$row['holiday'].'" /></p>
        <a href="http:..../index.php?option=com_jumi&main=1&holiday='.$row['holiday'].'&rid='.$manufacturer['name'].'"> Update Holiday </a> 
        <button onclick="this.form.submit();">'.JText::_('Update btn').'</button>
        } JHtml::_('form.token');
    echo '<br/>';
        echo $this->_dynamic. '</tbody></table></form></fieldset> </div>';                      

How do you fire the button using the new value? I attempt the hyperlink to transmit back the worthiness from input.using get My input is much like Holiday : 2012-01-01

[link that send back $row[holiday] to controller] with id of manufacturer. It send exactly the same value.


class model stretches JModel ... So, I understand that bind() is yet another choice to do, but how do you start? From models? any suggestion? thanks!