I've 2 MVC sites on the hosting that is shared atmosphere.
The first works fine and that i can login and employ the membership provider etc.. no problems. Another site can easily see the database and retrieve other (site specific) data on its pages. However, if I attempt to sign in I merely obtain a page refresh - no error messages with invalid UC/PW, with no succesful login with good qualifications, for instance.
Any bit of info (might be a red-colored sardines) would be that the first domain has got the database declared within its user interface (using Plesk) - however the second you have no mention of the it inside the domain - nevertheless the webhost have assured me that merely utilizing the same connection string works. Also it gives retreive the website-specific data.
tm, Leeds United kingdom

For anyones interest . . . It appears that since the site was still being in preview, forms aren't effective before you really put live. Hosting is by using Storm Internet