My hosting plan includes 1 site. I've installed a MVC3 project on that website which is being employed as designed. Now I'd like use a blog on a single site inside a subdirectory. Your blog I'm using is Wordpress. Wordpress is installed to some subdirectory around the MVC3 site. After I run the Wordpress blog I recieve b .Internet error page using the error:

"'System.Web.Assistants, Version=1..., Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' couldn't be loaded"

The MVC3 site runs at I would like your blog site to operate at

I suppose MVC3 is searching for a BlogController after i go your blog directory. It is possible to establishing IIS7 or MVC3 that informs it to depart your blog directory alone and never use .Internet?


try adding this for your RegisterRoutes function in Global.asax.cs:

routes.IgnoreRoute("{*blog}", new { blog = @"blog(/.*)?" });

You need to have the ability to visit it with link: