I have trouble with my table during my server.

Couple of occasions ago, my projects were fine. But, when I am being able to access the projects, many of them get error. It works out that, the mistake was triggered by my server. I checked the tables, come out all of the tables collation was transformed from "utf8_unicode_ci" to "being used", back to back the tables cannot be looked at or released since the records have skipped.

How do i repair individuals tables? need assistance..... thx...

Could this be because of the bug http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=8235 in MySQL 4.1.9? What version and storage engines are you currently using?

Have you change, remove or affect the table data due to this? If that's the case, you will need to restore from backup copies — for those who have any.

When the data has not been transformed, it is simply failing on Chooses due to unpredicted collation configurations, you could attempt altering the collation configurations so that your Choose queries act as expected. You are able to place it permanently around the tables, via your connection, or perhaps in each SQL statement specifically. Begin to see the MySQL documentation Using COLLATE in SQL Statements. (Though I am unsure if the solution will repair the problem.)