Im attempting to operate in my project, after i change files it changes the file within the directory which i imported the projects into my workspace. However the changes aren't turning up around the server since the server is applying the folder inside .metadata/webapps/myapp etc

what have I done wrong here?

Seems like you are implementing towards the integrated Tomcat server. The deployment is generally towards the .metadata/.me_tcat/webapps/myapp folder. Is that which you meant? Otherwise then It is best to take away the deployment after which deploy again and allow the deployment location default. The folder .metadata/.me_tcap is just in which the integrated Tomcat installation searches for programs if this begins.

You should check the deployment location by searching within the servers view. Expand the integrated Tomcat server. The deployment place for any project is proven there.

The used location ought to be stored in synch together with your code. If that is not happening, it might be the changes you are making would be the kind that need a redeployment. I am unsure exactly what the the weather is for propagating changes however i guess there can be some situations where changes can not be acquired instantly in by doing this. The alterations ought to be acquired on the redeploy.

To check on, produce a new web project, developing some default configuration along with a default index.jsp file. Deploy this towards the integrated Tomcat server. Now make a general change in the index.jsp file and save it. See if the modification is created within the deployment location, or just run the server and appearance that the new index.jsp will get displayed.

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