I wish to change column collation and character group of system database information_schema...

Can anybody give any input regarding how to do that? Can there be any special priviledges i want with this

To alter the smoothness set and collation for those posts within an existing table, use:

ALTER TABLE tbl_name CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET charset_name [COLLATE collation_name];

So far as I understand, you can't run ALTER TABLE instructions around the tables in information_schema. Rather you'll most likely wish to have a look in the character_set_* variabes. You can observe which variables are going to which values inside your MySQL server having a show variables command:

show variables like "character_set_%";

The variable which has related to meta data in MySQL, like the information_schema tables, may be the character_set_system variable. I believe the my.cnf is the best place to create it.

There's a lot of this site: UTF-8 for Metadata.

For regular tables, you alter the smoothness group of a table by having an ALTER TABLE command:

alter table some_table convert to character set utf8;

To get this done, you'll need the "alter" privilege.

You can observe which rights your MySQL server supports having a show privileges command, and you will see which rights are granted for your current user having a show grants command.

alter table some_table convert to character set utf8;

awesome that labored great so far as i will tell for me personally, now i'm able to use chinese for the reason that tables!! and that i can remove all of the utf8_scribe() utf8_decode() throughout my website!