I've got a table such as this:

jobid, orderid

With some data inside:

jobid, orderid
1245, 6767
1235, 9058
6783, 6767
4991, 6767
9512, 9058
5123, 1234

Now I would like the next output:

jobid, orderid, orderid(total)
1245, 6767, 3
1235, 9058, 2
6783, 6767, 3
4991, 6767, 3
9512, 9058, 2
5123, 1234, 1

Now, the COUNT() does not work generate an income wish to, and that i most likely take some group by but I'm not sure how.

Thanks ahead of time.

It appears like you are looking to get rows which seem like jobid, orderid, number of times that orderid appears. For your, you could utilize a subquery:

 SELECT jobid, orderid, 
        (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM 
         MY_TABLE INR 
             WHERE INR.orderid = OTR.orderid) as "orderid(total)"
SELECT t.jobid
     , t.orderid
     , grp.orderid_total
    tableX AS t
    ( SELECT orderid
           , COUNT(*) AS orderid_total
      FROM tableX
      GROUP BY orderid
    ) AS grp
      ON grp.orderid = t.orderid

How come doing the work by doing this? You'll be doing lots of redundant countings and set lots of unnecessary pressure in your server. I'd do that with two queries:

SELECT jobid, orderid FROM my_table

to obtain the complete list, after which:

SELECT orderid, COUNT(*) FROM my_table GROUP BY orderid

to obtain the total count for every orderid. Then mix both of these leads to the application. This is considerably faster than your solution.

SELECT jobid, orderid, count(orderid)
FROM sometable
GROUP BY orderid, jobid
select jobid, orderid, count(*) from table group by orderid;