Possible Duplicate:
mysql database automatic partitioning

It is really an exact duplicate from the question here. Regrettably that question was just clarified by people posting links to sites that no more work, so I am wishing someone can, I'm not sure, re-publish the answer where I'm able to think it is?

Anyway, now you ask ,, how do you instantly update mysql database partitions. For instance, if I wish to have 3 partitions, representing 'this month', 'last month', and 'further within the past', wouldso would I actually do it?

I can tell how you can produce the partitions, however when this month will roll over to another, I want these to instantly change. For example, if today is november 29, the 3 partitions must have the information from november, october, and dates further back. A day afterwards december first, I would like the 3 partitions to become december, november, and additional back.

I suppose you could do, because the other question did come with an recognized answer, so how do you get it done?