What tools are you currently using to trace alterations in your MySQL database?
Presently I am inside a project where we make use of a plain text-file (version controlled via SVN) by which we by hand add SQL claims when creating changes towards the database.
Most of the changes like magic vanishes every occasionally, and that we are actually searching for an easy method to alter track our database.

One factor which i didn't remember to say, we're using saved methods and processes, so it is not only the database structure that you want to track changes on / version controll.

There's an easy solution:

  • Make all changes towards the database schema and static data via scripts
  • Version control the scripts

I want something similar to this (I test drive it for Firebird and delay pills work perfectly) : http://www.upscene.com/products.audit.index.php I figured there is a MySQL version but NO :(

for MySQL, I see this : http://solutions.mysql.com/solutions/partner.php?partner=1532

But when it is only for development, I believe the answer given here is nice

mysql-diff compares tables, although not saved methods yet.

Toad for MySQL includes a great schema comparison tool