I'd an issue if my implementation idea is simple to utilizeOrcreate queries for.

I presently possess a database with multiple posts. The majority of the posts are identical factor (products, but split up into item 1, item 2, item 3 etc).

And So I have presently during my database ID, Title, Item 1, Item -.... Item 10.

I wish to condense this into ID, Title, Item.

But things i want item to possess would be to store multiple values as different rows. I.e.

ID = One  Name = Hello   Item = This

Type of such as the format it appears like. Is advisable and just how exactly would Time passes about carrying this out? I'll be using no amounts within the database and every one of the data is going to be static and can never change.

Can One do that using 1 database table (and will it be simple to match products of 1 ID to a different ID), or would I have to create 2 tables and link them?

If that's the case exactly how would I create 2 tables making them relational?

Any tips on how to implement this? Thanks!

This can be a classical kind of denormalized database. Denormalization sometimes makes sure procedures more effective, but more frequently results in issues. (For instance, if your write queries ended up being to alter the title connected by having an id, you would need to change many rows rather than just a single one.) Denormalization should simply be accomplished for specific reasons after a completely stabilized database continues to be designed. Inside your example, a stabilized database design could be:

table_1: ID (key), Title
table_2: ID (foreign key planned to table_1.ID), Item

I do not think one table really is sensible within this situation. Rather that you can do:

Main Table:

Item Table:
Item #
Item Value
Main_ID = Main Table.ID

When you need to do queries you are able to perform a simple join

You are speaking in regards to a denormalized table, which SQL databases have a hard time coping with. Your Item area is stated to possess a many-to-one relationship towards the other fields. The right things you can do would be to make two tables. The normal example is definitely an album and tunes. Tunes possess a many-to-one relationship to albums, which means you could structure your ables such as this:

Table Album
album_id [Primary Key]

Table Song
song_id [Primary Key]
album_id [Foreign Key album.album_id]

Frequently this situation is offered having a third table Artist, and also you could substitute the Artist area to have an artist_id area the industry Foreign Answer to a painter table's artist_id.

Obviously, the truth is tunes, albums, and artists tend to be more complex. One song could be on multiple albums, multiple artists could be on a single album, you will find multiple versions of the identical song, and you will find even some tunes without any album release whatsoever.


album_id Title       Artist
1        White       Beatles
2        Black       Metallica

song_id  album_id  Title
1        2         Enter Sandman
2        1         Back in the USSR
3        2         Sad but True
4        2         Nothing Else Matters
5        1         Helter Skelter

To question this you simply perform a JOIN: SELECT * FROM Album INNER JOIN Song ON Album.album_id = Song.album_id