I've the next fields during my table:

id - user_id - display_time - icon_id - background_id - page_title - template_id - sort_id Time

Essentially, each user has their very own 35mm slides that they'll create and these are merely some configurations there. They are for that custom 35mm slides but each user may have 12 approximately default 35mm slides which are pre-made.

My real question is.. for that pre-made 35mm slides that customers get, I don't have to define all individuals fields. It'll curently have experience and icon and every one of that, that can't be transformed. However it must be about this table since the user can continue to alter the sort order and also the time.

So... I could define the backdrop and icon for every pre-made slide, but later on basically did wish to alter the background from the universal "Dashboard" page then there's no good way to result in the change, as it is already within the database for your background_id.

Sorry in the event that really was confusing. Does anybody have suggestions regarding how to approach this? I really hope I've the best idea.

Which means this table will work for the custom 35mm slides but I have to fit the universal pages that customers enter here to allow them to define some important variables like how lengthy the slide can have for and also the order. Can there be an simpler method of doing this?


I have to be capable of increase the than one of the same slide within the sort order. Therefore if someone wants slide 1 to appear again and merely alter the sort order and display time. To allow them to have numerous different "instances" of every slide.

Can One remove the slide_id PRIMARY key without them playing anything up? It states it's Unique at this time that we think is causeing this to be screw up basically consider adding another of the identical slide.


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