I'm attempting to restore a WordPress MySQL DB from the recent backup since my website (wordpress-admin) grew to become useless once i transformed the website_url improperly. I'm attempting to re-install the whole site again but have to re-install the DB. The issue is my wordpress_options table won't upload via PHPmyAdmin. The mistake I recieve is:

1062 - Duplicate entry 'rewrite_rules' for key 2

I understand little about MySQL but this appears odd because the DB was working happily before I erased it to try the re-install.

Can anybody please advise? I've been trying everything for hrs now!

The mistake means that you're placing data right into a column with should be unique.

Within this situation you might be posting data which has 'rewrite_rules' like a data item consecutively right into a table that already has 'rewrite_rules' like a data item consecutively inside a column that as been marked as unique.

If you're re-installing wordpress on your own and are attempting to import that old data outrageous you have to have a couple of steps first. Begin to see the link below for many instructions