I'm using Light on localhost. I'm able to login which utilizes mysql db, arrive at the primary page (data driven), however when i enter this specific page, its fine, however when i refresh the mistake is "No Database Selected" the other every page states so.

I restarted the Apache, MySQL server

Browsers FF,IE, Chrome all show exactly the same errors, removed cache too. Simultaneously other websites which use exactly the same Light server works fine.

Now thats strange

All ideas are welcome.

Would be the primary pages using mysql_select_db("foo") which particular one not?

When you're hooking up with php, you aren't choosing a database (or even the choose is failing). Could it be possibly utilizing a variable which isn't getting correctly populated?

Somewhere within the code (PHP) the default database will get totally reset, most likely on the shared database connection. I suppose this can be a bug within the product you utilize.

Try studying the code where it connects with database and attempts to pull the information. The majority of the occasions there's a configuration file which defines the bond characteristics like username, password, database server, port and database for use also.

for instance in phpMyAdmin keeps the data in libraries/Config.class.php file.