I've just absorbed a task for any client and also the database schema is within an overall total mess. I must relabel a lot of fields turn it into a relationship database.

But this will be considered a painstaking process because they come with an API running from it also. Therefore the idea is always to produce a new database and begin re-writing the code to make use of this rather. However I need a method to keep these tables synchronized throughout this method.

Can you agree which i should use MYSQL EVENT's to help keep upgrading the brand new table on Card inserts / updates &lifier removes??

Or are you able to suggest an easy method??

We do hope you can advise !!

thank you for any input I recieve

I'd exactly the same condition in my project. Used to do exactly the same factor as if you - writing the entire database new. We developed the brand new database and also the fitting code and after finishing that actually work we designed a migration script (small application) which did the migration from old to new database.

Hope this provides you ideas...

I'd exactly the same problem too, and went incidentally of copying data at the purpose of user input (essentially saved to both databases at the same time, because the original schema didn't have all of the needed information). After several several weeks of development the client recognized that he's going to proceed to a totally new database and considered it too dangerous (and To be sure with him).

Thus, I'd advice to utter clearly for your customer that you will implement a brand new database rather than iterative refactoring from the current one.