I am planing to automatizate procedure for statisitcs collecting at the office, and made the decision to make use of MySQL to keep data.

I am employed by tourist info-center, so statistics (monthly) looks something similar to this:

Date:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...
Museum  5 3 12 34 1 ...
Kremlin 5 1 43 12 9...

Therefore the first column may be the listing of the objects (different kinds, incidentally like sightseeings, hotels, restaurants, and so forth) and also the first row may be the listing of the times in month. Around the crosses of these - amount of people that requested details about them.

So, what's the best, the best, the quickest method of doing this in MySQL?

I am talking about the number of tables must i create, and just how (just like a table monthly, or another way?) and just how put information inside properly, so it will likely be simple to check info like "The number of people visited Kremlin from 1 of this summer to 25 of august?" or "The number of people visited Museum totally this year?Inch and so forth ,)

Thank you plenty ahead of time. And sorry for my british ,)

UPD: I am planing to create a programm, in order to just press "Museum" button, and it'll boost the number particularly date.

I'd just log the visits with date and kind inside a raw table. And you could possibly get whatever statistics you'll need by SQL queries.

i believe best answer would be to have 2 tables 1. "sightseeings" (id, title) 2. primary statistics table (id, sightseeings_id, date, ppl_count)

and then you're able to write 1 SQL query for those... something similar to

SELECT SUM(ppl_count) FROM `main_statistics_table` WHERE date > 'from_date' AND date < 'to_date' AND sightseeing_id = 1

* primary_statistics_table may be the title of primary statistics table statistics_id is id of row from statistics_table that is needed